Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Its better the second time around......

So I went and saw Twilight along with the rest of the Girls and my first impression was I LOVE it and I Hate it! I was so excited to see it and still thought it was good but there were a few things that bugged me! I hated how they changed the storyline so much. I knew they had to but I had that book in my mind so any change bothered me! I hated how Edward and Bella fell in love in 1 day! They should have made that part longer, and finally they need to spend more $$$ If they can make a SAW VI (not that I've seen them just the fact that they spend $ on such stupidity) then why couldn't this have a little more put into it. I think it would have been a lot better with a bigger budget!-- now for the second time seeing it -- OH I am in love! I LOVED it! and I want to go see it again! The things that I didnt like about it are still true but its so good I dont even think about them anymore! Cant wait for New Moon!

My brother-in-law turned the big 30 yesterday and I just wanted to wish him a happy Birthday~!

Monday, November 24, 2008


We got home from Maui on Monday and my week has been so busy I haven't been able to post about the rest of the trip. We were there for 2 weeks total and did a lot in that amount of time! I got to see most of the things I wanted to but never did on this trip. After our Dive to Hana we were at the beach most of the time. We got to go snorkeling a couple of times and drive up to Haleakala, the dormant volcano which is like 10,000 feet abouve sea level. It was a georgeous drive up the moountain and looking into the volcano was AWESOME!! I will put pictures in the slide show but it does not even compare to the sight of this in real life! On our way home Rob and I stopped in Honolulu and spent a night there and were able to go to Waikiki Beach and to see Pearl Harbor. I will admit Maui is more of my kind of Hawaii than Honolulu is, I felt like I was in California. Not that its bad there but it doesnt compare to Maui but I am really glad we were able to go see it and able to see Pearl Harbor. That was an awesome thing to see and sad at the same time! I hope you enjoy the slide show-- There are way too many pics to just post

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Waiting on Maui

I know I know I have been home for almost 2 weeks now and still no post on the rest of my trip to Hawaii. Honestly I do have the post all written but I need to do a slideshow for all the pictures and it just takes so much time and I dont want to at the moment! I hopefully will not be feeling so lazy for too much longer until then you will just have this to look at! Sorry :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sad Day.....

I am excited that an African American was elected our president, just sad he had to be a Socialist!

Friday, October 24, 2008

H*A*W*A*I*I*.......So far!!!

Yes I am blogging on vacation but I love to blog and I actually have time to do it here so here we go! We have only been here 3 days but I am already getting into the "why do I ever have to leave" mode!! The first two days Rob and I went to our favorite beach in the whole world, Makena Beach, also known as Big Beach! We spent the entire two days laying out and playing in the water! Makena is famous for their waves crashing really close to the shore line so it makes for a very exciting adventure every wave that crashes on the shore! I was bad and did not take very many pictures of us laying out but here is a BEAUTIFUL one of our "laying out" view!

Next was today-- I have never been to Hana or experienced the "road to Hana" on all my trips here! There always seemed to be a problem preventing us from going. One year there was an earthquake a few days befor we got here and the bridge was out the next time was something else-- Anyway this trip we decided it was a must that we go and try this out! Now all said and done it was totally worth it but I had NO CLUE how long this drive was-- so not expecting this it was a little tiresome! Its about 3 hours each way winding back and forth on a narrow road all the way across the island. It is a rain forest so it is SO beautiful and green and with this amazing ocean in the background the views are awesome. I did get car sick going up and back but not too sick I could not believe how windy the road is! Up at the top are the seven sacred pools which I kept on saying the seven deadly pools ( I dont know something kept making me think of the seven deadly sins....I know I am a dork) this was really fun and beautiful to see. Of course Doug and Rob had to push the limits and go out as far as they could while I sat back freaking out that they would slip and fall into the ocean--(LBH It wouldnt be a trip without me being scared of something!!) Then when we were leaving we found this hill that lead to a beautiful view of the cliff and ocean below. Look for yourself and let me tell you it is about a million times better in person!! That is our trip 3 days into it! Cant wait for more!See you all when we get home!!

Rob and Doug at the edge of the cliff(crazy boys!!!)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ghouls NIght!!

Last week my friends go together to decorate pumpkins!!We navigated away from the usual carving of the pumpkins and painted them! It was a fun night to spend with my friends-- They always make it a great time.

Rob and I were also able to watch Bella while Alex had to go out of town for work. Bella LOVES Rob and has so much fun with him. I thought this was a cute picture of them watching TV together! We love our little Bella so much and have so much fun with her!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Connie and Richard have been called to serve a mission in the Raleigh North Carolina Mission. This last week they were in the MTC and left for NC yesterday!! We are so excited! Congratulations and we cant wait to come visit! Love you!

Connie and Richard at the MTC

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Bella!!

This last weekend was Bella's 2nd Birthday! We had a fun "jungle" theme party at Alex's house on Saturday! I made Bella her Birthday Cake in the shape of a monkey, one to go along with the Jungle theme and also cause Bella LOVES monkeys! I will admit it was my first time making a cake like this and I am really happy with how it turned out! Here are a few pictures from the night.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thanks Dad!!

I was supposed to get the Chokecherries from my dad to make the jelly. my dad likes to procrastinate and now the cherries look like this.....

Maybe next year......

Friday, August 29, 2008

Jammin Night

So this week my friends and I all got together to make Jam! It was my first time making Jam but I had Leslie and Ashley there to help in any way possible. It was so much fun and may I say very delicious!! Ashley and I decided to make

and then join a Jam Exchange so I will get different kinds. Leslie and Sister-Ashley make

(if you cant tell this is not peach, its nectarine) Joe and Leslie are amazing and made a Raspberry Peach Jam earlier that is amazing! My next kind is Choke Cherry

My granparents aparently have a lot of Choke Cherry bushes, or trees (still not sure :)) and my Grandpa loves that kind of jam so if your up for trying this one with me and maybe have a good recipe(if its different than usual jam)give me a call.Nick was our photographer, Suz, Paige and Bella and Stella were there for moral support. Here are some pics from the night. Happy Jamming :)

Another great thing came about because of Jam night...... A new friendship :)
Stella and Bella

Thursday, August 28, 2008


It seems that we are having to say goodbye to everyone right now. Rob's parents have been called to serve a mission in North Carolina and are leaving on September 15. They will be gone for 1 year and although we are so happy for them we are going to miss them!. We had a family dinner to celebrate and say goodbye. Richard made some yummy pulled pork sandwiches and everyone came over to our house for dinner(minus Kath and Ty)last weekend. Here are a few pictures

Then..... My little Brothers are both in College!!! Daniel actually started last year and went to a school in Maui and decided to move here this year! I am so excited to have him back in Utah and close by! And now Jordy... He is moving to Oregon and will be attending Walammet University. I know, I know he has lived in Maui for the last 7 years but I am so sad he is moving away-- yes, yes he will be closer but it just feels different. Anyway My family came into town before Jordan went off to school and here was out "goodbye" dinner for Jordan.