Friday, July 23, 2010

2 Weeks

Siena's 2 week Stats....
Weight: 6 lbs 3oz (13th percentile)
Height: 19.5 inches (34th percentile)

We have the cutest baby ever!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

okay, okay

So I've contemplated quitting the blog all together I am SO behind and its not just with little stupid things, I freaking had my baby, but as I was going through blogs I really want to have Siena's milestones on here and be able to remember the "little" things that she does so I don't even know how to start but I will try anyway......

Siena Lund
Born July 6,2010
7:12 p.m
5 lbs 3oz
19.5 inches

And boy was that a day! It started out as me exactly 40 weeks pregnant going in for my weekly appointment with Dr. England! At this point I have had ZERO contractions and I was planning on having her on my induction date of July 12. Well like I said I was going in for my appointment and as I am getting my blood pressure checked I hear a Ding, Ding, Ding from the machine. Now this is not odd for me pretty much every visit since I was about 25 weeks along my blood pressure had been high so I go in and lie down so the nurse can re-check in in 10 minuets. Well Dr. England comes in instead and checks me. As usual I am ZERO everything!! He talks to me about my blood pressure but as usual just wants them to re-check me after I lie down but makes sure that I for sure give them a urine sample. So 10 min after a nurse walks in and checks my BP and its even higher!!! SO I run in to the bathroom to give my sample and it comes back that I have protein in my urine so back to waiting for Dr. England again. He comes in and starts talking to me about pre-clampsia that I have and tells me that he wants to go ahead and induce me TODAY!!! But advises me that it will be a LONG labor. I am excited and nervous at the same time but then I think. I cant have my baby today my hair is a mess(LBH it was curly and on day 3) and my kitchen is messy etc, etc, etc. SO I ask, can I go home and shower first? He tells me to come back to the Hospital and check in at 2. So I run home call Rob on the way and tell him we are having her today!! I shower, clean my kitchen get ready and at 2:00p.m we walk into the hospital to check in. First they gave me some medicine before they start me with the pictosin and I am just lying there hooked up to the machines relaxing. And to make a long story short, Siena was not handling the labor well. I had not even really started to go into labor and her heart rate kept on dropping so Dr. England told me we were going to have an emergency C-section. So here we are getting ready for the surgery

Rob calming my nerves

Proud Papa to be
Me getting my Spinal Block

Our Beautiful Siena

Our First Family Photo

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Nursery.......

Well I am now averaging about 1 post every 4 months ..... so here we go! I am glad to say I am finished with Siena's room with 1 week to spare! (Well I am still waiting on pictures of my little peanut but that will obviously have to wait until she is out!) I LOVE how her room turned out. At first I was a little worried that it would be too bright but I love it! My neighbor (a male) said that it looked like Fidelity's Logo but that was before I got all my cute accents in there and they totally make the room! Rob was so nice to not really say no to anything( He knows this was as much for me as it is for Siena)Now I am not meaning I went overboard or anything I used to be an avid couponer..... I am just grateful he was so good to me about everything we HAD to get for our little girl! HA HA
So here are the pics I have.......

This chair was a gift from my parents and let me tell you how awesome it is!! It is so comfortable I cant even believe it! I am going to love rocking my baby to sleep and it will make those midnight and early morning feedings that much easier.

Part of her crib and the hutch and changing table, and of course her bows and flower clippies.... LBH she has to have her hair accessories.....

You can't tell from the picture but the window treatments have little baby pink polkadots on them. They are so freaking cute and totally made the room!

On this blank wall of to the side of the crib is where her pictures will go-- I can't wait to see her and get them taken and made for the wall. The Bedding I made-- The quilt is still not complete-- I have to finish the corners and honestly it will take me like 10 min I am just lazy... But I went and got this fabric the week I found out she was a little girl so this bedding has been a long time coming.......I will take more close-ups of the quilt and bedding later.......

I have had 4 showers and got a lot of cute things as well. My mom and friends still have the pics and I don't have them yet so I will blog about that when I get them. I am so excited for her to get here... I am due on Tuesday and am completely nothing! No Contractions or anything so my doc will induce me on the 12th if I haven't had her by then so 1 week at the most! Wish me luck....... :)