Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Love Day 2011

I LOVE Valentines Day!! I always have loved this holiday but its so much better when you have an amazing husband and the best little girl in the world. We started the day with a LOVE breakfast I made especially for Rob……

Then he went off to work and I had a fun day with Siena. We had a Valentine party with some friends from our ward, I didn’t get any pictures because LBH Siena just sat there the whole time, not much of a party animal at 7 months. But she did give out the cutest Valentines with suckers attached to them.

Then we came home and gave Siena her presents…… I found the old school Care Bear DVD’s on amazon. I was so excited to find these and ordered them for Siena. I LOVED them as a little girl and hope she will like them as much as I did. She also got a Love Monkey that she adores, some V day pajamas and a little I love you book

Later on that night Rob came home from work and we exchanged gifts and went out to Benihanas with our good friends the Moss. There was more bromancing than romancing going on on this Valentines Date. Everyone at the table was laughing at us because Les and I sat next to eachother and Joe and Rob sat next to eachother…… Now that’s LOVE!!!!!

We had a wonderful holiday and I always want Rob and Siena to know how much I LOVE them!!!