Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to.........ME!!!!

This year was an "interesting" Birthday. It was a great day that I spent with my friend Alysha shopping,getting pedicures and having a good time. Trying to forget the fact that I am 27:( AHHH-- way too old! Later on that night Rob came home and took me to my favorite place in the world,The Melting Pot which was so very delicious :) The bright girl that I am did not take one picture on my birthday so I ony have my memory to account for it. My wonderful friends had planned to take me to....
the next night but unfortunately I was rushed into emergency Surgery that night to remove an Ectopic pregnancy that I had. So the Birthday didn't end too well. I feel weird just rushing over the fact that I had this but I dont really want to go on and on about what happened and how I'm feeling etc so sorry but I am just going to pass over this :)Things are good now and getting better day by day. This, along with a lot of other things are the main reason for my lack of Blogging so I am back now:)The night at The Cheesecake Factory was postponned,sadly because of the reschedule some were not able to make it but it was a success none the less and I did remember to bring my camera that night :) So here are a few pictures of the night. It was so yummy! I have the greatest friends in the world!Let's hope my 28th turns out a little better :)

Suz, Nick, Taylor and Melissa

Rob, Me, Alysha and John

Joe and Les

The Birthday Girl and Rob