Monday, March 15, 2010

I know I know I pretty much stopped blogging when I thought I would want to blog most! I am so happy I am finally able to have a baby I think I felt that if I talked/blogged about it alot that I would jinx it or something! Anyway, I still am paranoid but the further along I go I feel better and better and can "plan" on it! But yes right now I am 24 weeks along(well as of tomorrow) and I feel great right now, although I do have a bit of insomnia but I guess I am just getting ready!!As for the first trimester I did hurl quite a bit and became a "recluse" according to my friends but its all worth it! I can't wait for Siena to get here only 16 more weeks! We have not really done much with the nursery because we are wanting to move but no one will buy my house so we may still be here..... I told Rob as of May 1 if we don't have any good prospects on the house I am doing the nursery-- so we will see what happens. Other than that things are going really well just working and trying to enjoy every bit of pregnancy- even the crappy stuff! I have one pic of me at 20 or 21 weeks and I look fat but I cant diet now!!! I started to feel her move the day I was 21 weeks-- it was kind of late and trust me I was freaking out but I went to the doc and heard her heart beat so that reassured me that we were in the clear! Now she moves around like its her job!! She is quite the active little girl and I LOVE it, especially when she kicks my bladder! Let me tell you its great! Lol!!! Rob hasn't been able to feel her kick yet but hopefully soon!
So, needless to say I will try and be better at blogging from now on.....

20- 21Weeks (not sure :)