Sunday, December 30, 2007

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Hey All
I know it is really late to be posting about Germany but It is taking a long time to get my pics back, I still have half of them so I decided to post those :) If I ever get the rest of them I will definitely update this post:) Germany was such an amazing place to go. So much history and so beautiful. We were able to go to the Neueschweinstein Castle (The Disneyland Castle), to see the Berlin Wall and the city of Berlin, the Financial district of Frankfurt,The Kolon Cathedral,many other Castles, and The Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, where Anne Frank died. There was so much more I could go on for days and days and I am so happy I was able to go have this experience! Here are a few of the picture highlights that I still have and hopefully I will get the rest of them back soon!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Guten Tag

We are back from Germany and it was AMAZING. I am not that smart with computers and may have accidentally deleted all our pics AHHHH! I was/am so very mad. Thankfully my brother in law knows EVERYTHING there is to know about computers so I am praying he can work his magic and retrieve them for me. (and to all of you who are thinking "just look in your recycle bin" I have already done that and they aren't there either????)So I will have to post pictures later if I can find them and tell you more about our trip. So until next time........