Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bella's trip to The Aquarium

This was a while ago but I was on a blogging hiatus so I never posted about it but I was looking through my pictures and I wanted to have this in my blog to remember. Back about a week before Maddie was born Alex brought Bella into The Aquarium so we could show her all the turtles,snakes,lizards and FISH! Bella is a little girl who LOVES animals she always wants to go outside and look for "bichos" (bugs in spanish) so I thought she'd love to come in and get a hands on expierence at The Aquarium.

One thing that I think is so funny is Bella is in love with the movie Tinkerbell. There is a part on it where there is a mouse and Alex always says "EWW" so now everytime Bella sees a mouse on tv she yells out, "look at the Ewws" so every time she comes into the Aquarium she has to go see "the Eww's" AKA the feeder mice for all the snakes and stuff-- There were no pics taken of that cause it takes a lot to get me to even walk into that room let alone pose for a picture.

Quilt for Martina

My cousin,Florencia, in Argentina had a baby back in March right after little Madeleine was born. I wanted to do something for my family that I never get to see Although I have met Florencia once. It was probably colse to 10 years ago she came to Utah to visit and stayed with us. I had so much fun with her even though our communication was little to NONE!! She speaks spanish and all of you that know anything about me know that I do not speak spainish at all even though I had 2 years of it in school not to mention my mother speaking spanish fluently my whole life(I know I am LAME!!!) I have so many fun memories with her and feel a connection with her even though we dont talk much. SO back to what I was originally posting about..... I made her little girl Martina a quilt and sent it out this week. I LOVED how this quilt turned out and hope they both like it!

Friday, June 5, 2009


A few weeks ago my girlfriends from high school and I got together for a girls trip down in St. George. We haven't all been together for this long since the good old High School Days and since our 10 year reunion was coming up we decided it was definitely time! It was such a great weekend that we spent talking and shopping with your best friends(what could be better than that)I have been friends with these girls since I was a little girl and have SO many memories with each of them. I really think an anual trip is definitely in need and cannot wait to do it again!