Wednesday, May 7, 2008

D.......e....l.......a.......yed Post!

Yes yes Remember back in December when Rob and I got to go to Maui to visit my family for Christmas??? Well We were able to see the biggest fish in the world**don't quote me on that** But its a pretty big fish, The Whale Shark! Well we finally got the pictures back and I had to post them. This makes me so ready to go back to Hawaii!!

This and That

Alysha and John Rob and I Doug and Kortni Happy Birthday Doug MMM Dinner at the Timbermine!

It feels like I haven't blogged forever. I dont know why but I havent so I will do a quick update of our lives these past few weeks! Now that I think about it I have a boring life and not much to blog about. No children to write about the funny things they do its just Rob and I and let me tell you how much fun work has been!!! Our good friends Alysha and John hang out with us a lot and we have a great time with them. We went to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy to do something different from the old dinner and a movie and I wasn't to impressed-- It was a fun night with my friends and that was great! It was also my Brother in law Doug's Birthday!! He is the big 29!!! And yet another night with Alysha and John... we went to one of Rob and my favorite restaurants, the Timbermine in Ogden of all places.... It is worth the trip up there! Then we got to go see Iron Man-- See we venture out to The Living Planet Aquarium and the next week its back to dinner and a movie but its always a fun night with them!!