Friday, October 30, 2009

I Heart MJ

We went and saw This is It tonight with our good friends Les and Joe. Les and I went and got I Heart MJ t-shirts to wear to the event! IT was so much fun. The pics are horrible but I have a crappy phone so......

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our own Enrichment night!

In my ward we dont seem to have the fun enrichment nights where we make the "utah crafts" I know many make fun but I am sad we dont have them! I know, I know I have been called "country" even though I am not and yes I do know I have a rooster in my kitchen but I promise I am not but I do like these cute crafty things for Holidays..... so my friends from my neighborhood got together and had our own enrichment night and made these CUTE christmas crafts! We had so much fun and I LOVE mine I cant wait for christmas now!

Megan's "NOEL"

My "JOY"

Janessa is miss anal so hers did not get finished I will make sure to post hers when she actually finishes :)

Happy Halloween!

I know I have been such a slacker at blogging -- I have been meaning to try and blog "something" Soon! Well with Halloween coming up I wanted to decorate my front porch-- With help from my neighbor and BF #1( I cant tie cute bows!) I made a ffront porch I am proud of! The pics are sad cause I took them with my phone(I need to charge my camera!)but here you go -- I love Halloween-- I dont decorate for many holidays but Halloween is one of them!.... I cant wait for Christmas