Sunday, April 20, 2008

Craft Day with Wendy

Every once in awile my friends get the crafty bug in us and need to have a craft day with the talented Wendy Phippen! She is absoultely amazing at all kinds of crafts and puts up with us "sub par crafters." Every time we get done with a day with Wendy I have this bug that wishes and hopes that I can become like that one day. This Saturday we had the privilidge of making these cute vintage aprons. They all turned out so cute and I was so excited for this I even bought fabric to do 2 aprons. One was only completed so that just means I need to work on getting the other one done by myself!Here are some pictures from the day. Thanks so much to Wendy and Paige for helping us make these!


Leash, Kj, Me, Wendy,Suzie, Paige and Leslie

Kj and Paige

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Les, Nat and Suz

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Leslie.......

It was my good friend Leslie's Birthday on Thursday so on Friday we all wnt out for a big Birthday Celebration! We had dinner at Baggi's down in Gateway. It was so much fun to see everyone! Happy Birthday Leslie.

I also have to let you all know that Ryan Ahlstrom was there....... LOL

Friday, April 4, 2008

Night out with the Moss's

Lealie and Joe got tickets to the Grizzlies Game last night. They were kind enough to ask us to go with! We started out with dinner at Ruby Tuesdays where we all had Steaks and then procedded to the Game. It was so much fun! I had been to a few games in the past but we had pretty good seats so it was a lot easier to get into the game! We ended up loosing 6 to 5 but was still a good game. Leslie and My favorie parts were when the hockey players got into fights. It was so fun to watch them!
We ended the night with a trip to Cold Stone(yum!) Thanks for inviting us guys we love hanging out with you!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I would like you to meet Bella the Bunny

Bella got this Bunny mr potato head for Easter and she loves to put them on herself! I just loved this picture so I had to post it.