Friday, October 24, 2008

H*A*W*A*I*I*.......So far!!!

Yes I am blogging on vacation but I love to blog and I actually have time to do it here so here we go! We have only been here 3 days but I am already getting into the "why do I ever have to leave" mode!! The first two days Rob and I went to our favorite beach in the whole world, Makena Beach, also known as Big Beach! We spent the entire two days laying out and playing in the water! Makena is famous for their waves crashing really close to the shore line so it makes for a very exciting adventure every wave that crashes on the shore! I was bad and did not take very many pictures of us laying out but here is a BEAUTIFUL one of our "laying out" view!

Next was today-- I have never been to Hana or experienced the "road to Hana" on all my trips here! There always seemed to be a problem preventing us from going. One year there was an earthquake a few days befor we got here and the bridge was out the next time was something else-- Anyway this trip we decided it was a must that we go and try this out! Now all said and done it was totally worth it but I had NO CLUE how long this drive was-- so not expecting this it was a little tiresome! Its about 3 hours each way winding back and forth on a narrow road all the way across the island. It is a rain forest so it is SO beautiful and green and with this amazing ocean in the background the views are awesome. I did get car sick going up and back but not too sick I could not believe how windy the road is! Up at the top are the seven sacred pools which I kept on saying the seven deadly pools ( I dont know something kept making me think of the seven deadly sins....I know I am a dork) this was really fun and beautiful to see. Of course Doug and Rob had to push the limits and go out as far as they could while I sat back freaking out that they would slip and fall into the ocean--(LBH It wouldnt be a trip without me being scared of something!!) Then when we were leaving we found this hill that lead to a beautiful view of the cliff and ocean below. Look for yourself and let me tell you it is about a million times better in person!! That is our trip 3 days into it! Cant wait for more!See you all when we get home!!

Rob and Doug at the edge of the cliff(crazy boys!!!)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ghouls NIght!!

Last week my friends go together to decorate pumpkins!!We navigated away from the usual carving of the pumpkins and painted them! It was a fun night to spend with my friends-- They always make it a great time.

Rob and I were also able to watch Bella while Alex had to go out of town for work. Bella LOVES Rob and has so much fun with him. I thought this was a cute picture of them watching TV together! We love our little Bella so much and have so much fun with her!