Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fondue Re-Do

I know I havent blogged in quite some time so here was a great event to blog about! We have a monthly (on a good month) girls night where my girls and I get together. This month was a Fondue night that was supposed to take place the night of the huge snow storm a couple weeks back. Needless to say that night it didn't happen so tonight was the Fondue Re-do :) We had a great time with all the girls minus Alysha, she had to get grades in for her class and could not make it:( Thanks to Kjirsten we had a marvelous fondue with 2 different cheese fondues and of course the chocolate dessert Fondue! Then the night got even better thanks to Paige (LBH we all know its thanks to her hubby Ryan for purchasing the DVD's) We got to watch re-runs of one of the best childhood shows ever made, yes it is Saved by the Bell!! Here are some of the pics from the night!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Banning Community Solutions

Hello All
So this morning when I got up and all the snow was falling a number of thoughts rushed through my mind."Oh how pretty!! to "UGH! That won’t be fun driving in! and also an "I hope my snow removal people come soon." But of course Rob had to end up clearing off our driveway. We hurried and got ready for church and went and then came home and Rob asked me if I'd go home teaching with him. So we drive to our neighbors house, they have not cleared their driveway so there is about 3 ft of snow on it so Rob and I park on the side of the road. We are in visiting with our neighbors and I look out the window to see our car being TOWED! I B lined it out to the road and start chasing the tow truck. He finally stops and begins arguing with me about the stupid rules our ridiculous HOA company has(Thus why I am banning community solutions).Then Rob comes out and they start arguing. The tow guy will not give us a break. Rob could then see that I was beginning to really lose my patience and told me to go get our wallet so we could pay this guy and get our car. As I went running home(remember I am in a skirt and 4" heels) I fall flat on my face ripping my skirt right up the back.(but of course I didn't notice at this time)I got up and ran to my house and got my wallet and LBH who has $130 in cash. Well I don’t so then I have to run to the gas Station to the ATM to get cash out(this is when I realize my bum is hanging out of my skirt) all the while Rob is yelling at the Tow Truck man. All in all I ended up paying $132.00, a cute black skirt, bodily injury to myself (scraped knee and hand), and giving everyone at The Maverick a show to go home teaching.
Needless to say my day was not too great, Thanks Community Solutions you are WONDERFUL!